Please check back for our golf specials….

Fall Golf Green Fee and Green Fee with Cart Specials 2022…

Fall is in the air!  Starting October 1, 2022, Westfield GC will be going to this Fall Special for green Fees.  This Special will Expire at the end of the 2022 golf season.  Reciprocal Course agreement is NOT valid for this Special.  (Reciprocal patrons will still be charged the $15.50 green fee (after tax) because they will be getting a free cart with that special.) 

All Prices shown are per person, and INCLUDE MN State Sales Tax.

Please call ahead for tee times… Pro Shop:  507-452-6901.

  •  9-Hole Green Fee (walking) – $13.00
  • 18-Hole Green Fee (walking) – $17.00
  • 9-Hole Green Fee, with 1/2 Cart Special – $20.00
  • 18-Hole Green Fee, with 1/2 Cart Special – $29.00
  • * Unlimited Golf for the Day, with 1/2 Cart Special – $40.00
  • Junior Green Fee (17 years and under) – $6.00

*Unlimited Golf for the Day, with 1/2 Cart Special is subject to available tee times, and also under all rental rules.  ALL rentals stop for the day TWO (2) hours before sunset.  Please check when that is, because this time changes quickly during the remainder of the fall.  (Note…  A $5.00 +tax fee will be charged to ALL non-golfing riders in carts.)

Disclaimer…Fall Rate Special Prices are subject to change without warning.

Westfield GC “New Member Grab” Membership Drive 2022

Available for ALL 2021 Members/Season Pass Holders to participate in, for the 2022 Season…


  1. Any 2021 Westfield GC Member/Season Pass Holder may attempt to bring in a “NEW” Member/Season Pass Holder to Westfield GC. (“New” Member/Season Pass Holder being anyone who has not been a Member/Season Pass Holder the previous year or more to Westfield.)
    1. If that current Season Pass Holder is able to bring in one (1) “New” Season Pass Holder, EACH person gets a 10% Discount on the year’s Season Pass Holder rate.
    2. If that Member decides to bring in two (2) new individuals, the current Season Pass Holder gets a 15% discount on their Season Pass. The two new individuals that individual brings in get a 10% discount on their Season Pass.
    3. If that current member brings in three (3+) NEW individuals, the CURRENT Season Pass Holder gets a 20% discount and ALL additional new people brought in by the current season pass holder get a 10% discount on their Membership/Season Pass Holder rate for the year.
  2. The MAXIMUM Discount to be given out is 20% off.
  3. The Percentage-Off Discount will ONLY be applied to the Membership/Season Pass and NOT any other Fees, (such as season-long golf cart rentals, trail fees, league fees, locker fees, etc…)
  4. As long as ALL individuals remain Season Pass Holders for the following year (for example a new Season Pass Holder in 2021 wishes to remain a Season Pass Holder in 2022), those individuals are now eligible to do “head hunting” for the next year and try to bring in another new person, or more at a discount.
  5. Season Pass Holders will now not only be able to join Men’s League(s) or Women’s Leagues, but they will also gain a benefit of getting 10% Member discount in the golf shop. (10% discount avail on in-stock, as well as special orders,)
    1. The 10% discount is on golf shop merchandise ONLY (hard and soft goods). (10% discount NOT available on golf car rentals, push cart rentals, trail fees, greens fees, food, soft drinks, club repair by the head professional, or tournament entries, or League Fees.)
  6. Any Current Season Pass Holder can bring in another individual at ANY Season Pass Category. The discount per Season Pass holders could be, for example….
    1. Single bringing in Single, or Couple, or Young Adult
    2. Family bringing in Family, or Couple, or Young Adult
    3. Single bringing in Family, or Couple, or Young Adult
    4. Family bringing in Single, or Couple or Young Adult
    5. Junior bringing in Junior, or Couple, or Young Adult
    6. Family or Single bringing in Junior, or Couple or Young Adult

The idea of this program is to try to entice more people to join Westfield GC!!  This could/should work as a pyramid with one member bringing in a person, then the next year both those individuals bringing in two more individuals, etc., etc.…

Any discounts offered in the Bar/Lounge would be at the discretion of Whalen’s at Westfield