Thursday Golf League – All Day

Thursday Men’s League Survey

Senior golf men’s league tees off starting at 9:30am followed by the 11am league, 12pm league, 1pm league, 2pm league, 3pm league, 4pm league and 5pm league.

2 person men’s golf league teams compete against another team in stroke play, based upon a season long schedule.  Between 12-16 two-man teams compete in each league.

Play is scored on a points basis, where a win gets one point and a tie (halve) of a hole gets each player 1/2 point.  Points for each member of the two man team are added together for the team total and tabulated each week.

In addition, each week there will be games for longest putt, closest to, etc. on selected holes.

Starting Times & Pairings

Coming Spring 2021!

NOTE…  League’s 11:00 through 4:00 will have their practice round on Thursday, April 29, 2021.  These Leagues will start play for points on Thursday, May 6, 2021.  Leagues 11:00 through 4:00 can sign up for their own tee times for the practice round night of April 29th on the sheets which will be posted outside of the Pro shop on the League bulletin board.  (Please do your best to sign up within your respective Leagues to allow those players within those particular Leagues to get a chance to play.

The 5:00 League will start their season for real (playing for points) on Thursday April 29, 2021, because of more teams being in this League this year.  This League will also end the season at least one (1) week earlier than Leagues 11:00 through 4:00, because of daylight issues later in the year, closer to Labor Day.  Tee times for 5:00 League will be posted here a week before, and also will be emailed out to the League members.

Any questions, please contact Westfield GC Staff (Brian) in the Pro Shop.  507-452-6901.


Coming Spring 2021!