The Westfield GC Junior Golf Program is designed for junior golfers of all ages and abilities, but primary focus is on juniors who are new to the game of golf. During the program, we will start out with a few instruction days at the Westfield Driving range. These instruction days are run by PGA Professional, Brian Paulson, and some volunteer assistants. We will work from the hole, back towards the tee box, during the instruction days. We start with putting, then possibly chipping, then short irons, middle irons, longer irons-hybrids-and fairways, and ending with drivers and some Rules. Focus is to have the kids understand that there is one basic swing for all clubs in the bag. We stress grip, stance, posture, and alignment for everyone, but especially beginning golfers. We will then take the kids onto a Hole at Westfield to show them what the basics are of a golf Hole (Tee ground, fairway, rough, hazards, and green.) We stress proper fundamentals, but also proper etiquette and good sportsmanship. We will have little contests during the instruction days do have some fun and measure how the kids are progressing.

Instruction days have two waves: 9:00am to 10am and 10:30am to 11:30am. (We can handle around 25-35 kids in each session. If I have to add another session, I will consider that later, but only if we over-fill with kids.) I try to take younger ones in the first session and older ones in the second session, but I also understand that there are some scheduling conflicts and issues with the kids other activities. We try to do our best to accommodate.

Between the instruction days of June 30th and July 6th, we will take a small break for the 4th of July Holiday. We will have a refresher session on Wednesday, July 7th on the range, and then have the kids assemble at the golf course starting at 8:00am on Wednesday, July 14th. During this time, the kids will be able to play golf in groups of their own making. I am opening up the tee sheet from 8:00am through 9:15am each Monday and Wednesday Morning until Monday, July 31st. (Wednesday, August 4th will be the final day for the program for 2021.)

During the course time, we will have volunteer supervisors with those groups that need it. We will have a modified set of Junior Tees marked to keep play moving, others from the 200yd markers, other kids from the 150yd markers. There is no competition, this is just fun golf time where the juniors have their own space in the morning to get acclimated and accustomed to the golf course. (For those who remember, it will be more like the old Park Rec golf time of years ago.)

PDF covering 2021 Junior Program information…  Westfield GC Summer Junior Golf Program 2021 PDF

Junior Golf PDF

Instruction days: 9:00am OR 10:30am Sessions

Group Instruction Schedule

  • Monday, June 14, (Meet at Pro Shop)
  • Wednesday, June 16, (Range)
  • Monday, June 21, (Range)
  • Wednesday, June 23, (Range)
  • Monday, June 28, (Range)
  • Wednesday, June 30, (Range)
  • Wednesday, July 7, (Range)
  • Monday, July 12, (Range)

Call the Golf Shop at Westfield Golf Course (507) 452-6901 or stop in to sign your child up today!

Call the Golf Shop at Westfield Golf Course (507) 452-6901 or stop in to sign your child up today!