Below is the list of golf courses Westfield GC has reciprocal privileges with. List subject to change. Please check back periodically for the accurate list.

2020 Reciprocal Course List: Phone #
Westfield GC, Winona, MN 507-452-6901
Piper Hills GC, Plainview, MN (In for 2021) 507-208-6028
Ferndale GC, Rushford, MN (In for 2021) 507-864-7626
Mississippi National Golf Links, Red Wing, MN (In for 2021) 651-388-1874
Ma-Cal-Grove, Caledonia, MN (In for 2021) 507-725-2733
Oaks GC, Hayfield, MN (In for 2021) 507-477-3233
Lake Pepin Golf Course, Lake City, MN (In for 2021) 651-345-5768
Arcadia  CC, Arcadia, WI (In for 2021) 608-323-3626
Pine Island GC, Pine Island, MN (In for 2021) 507-356-8252
Drugan’s Castle Mound, Holmen WI (In for 2021) 608-526-3225
Pine Creek GC, LaCrescent, MN (In for 2021) 507-895-2410
Lanesboro Golf Club, Lanesboro, MN (In for 2021) 507-467-3742
Preston Golf Course, Preston, MN (In for 2021) 507-765-4485
Ettrick Golf Course, Ettrick, WI (In for 2021) 608-525-6262
Coulee Golf Bowl, Onalaska, WI (In for 2021 608-781-1111
Whitehall Public Golf Course, Whitehall, WI (In for 2021) 715-538-4800
Walnut Grove GC, Cochrane, WI (In for 2021) 608-248-2800
Osseo Golf Course, Osseo, WI (In for 2021) 715-597-3215
Chosen Valley GC, Chatfield, MN (In for 2021) 507 -867-4305
Heartland Country Club, Lewiston, MN * (In for 2021)

(*Heartland CC is limited to 5 times, per person, per month due to such close proximity.)

Fox Hollow GC, LaCrosse, WI (In for 2021) 608-786-4653
Valley High GC, Houston, MN (In for 2021) 507- 894-4444

Rules Regarding Reciprocal Privileges

When you join Westfield GC in 2021, you will receive a Westfield GC issued ID card, identifying you as a Member/Season Pass Holder of Westfield GC. (You must have this with you to ID yourself at the other golf courses on the list above.)

To take advantage of the reciprocal privileges at the other golf courses on the list above, you MUST call the golf course you are desiring to play, to see if there is availability of space to play, as well as to find out each golf course’s individual rules regarding the amount of times you can take advantage of this offering. (Some courses limit the amount of times you can play, most do not.)

You then show your identification at check-in, and you play for a significantly reduced rate, (including golf cart) for that course, whether you walk or ride a golf car.

The reciprocal privilege is for the Season Pass Holder ONLY, and not good for the entire group.

Please note: Rates the reciprocal courses charge are subject to change without warning. Please check with the course you are looking to play to see what the reciprocal rates are for that particular course.  Most area 9-Hole courses charge just cart fee, whether you walk or ride.  You will pay some reduced rate, this is NOT a “freebie”.


MUST show proof of membership (cards) when checking in. MUST call ahead and make reservations and stating you are taking advantage of the Reciprocal Privileges.

Westfield GC must make, or confirm (no exceptions), the tee times for Drugan’s. Cost for Drugan’s is $20/per person/18-holes with cart.

Pine Island GC is $23.00/per person for 18-hole with cart.

Mississippi National is $25 weekdays/$30 weekends. Includes cart, per person.

Call Pine Creek GC for their fees for the reciprocal deal with Westfield GC.

The Grove in Cochrane, WI is get a free cart with a paid green fee for their reciprocal program.

Coulee Golf Bowl is $10/9-Holes.  Must call ahead and present membership card at check-in.

The Reciprocal program Westfield GC has with other area courses is great added value to your Season Pass, when you join Westfield GC!!